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Day in the Life of the CEO

Posted on 16/05/2010 by Kojo Afful

Day in the Life of the CEO by Kojo Afful of Lynx Tutors

Daniel Ford & Co Ltd is an independent estate agency in London. Spending a day with the company gives a better insight into the extensive and tailored service being offered. Their services are so personalised and unique, they epitomise exceptional client service to a very high standard. Daniel Ford & Co Ltd should be branded as a property wealth management specialist. It aims to create awareness, whilst also protecting and maximising client's wealth.

Here is an overview of a day (13th May 2010) spent with him.

1.    Property Management Services: The day started around 10am with the viewing of a property that was being refurbished for residential letting. There was coordination between the C.E.O, the workmen and the lettings department. The necessary furnishing was discussed and agreed by the team, and the timescale for a fully refurbished property was set. 

2.    Client Meeting: At 11am, we had a meeting at the home of a premier league footballer, this was to progress the substantial building project Daniel Ford is currently overseeing at the footballer's home.  Mr Edun's skill in creating and maximising wealth was demonstrated to its fullest here. The focus is to create a retirement plan through the development of a new property on the site of their current property. The development is expected to create a minimum net wealth in excess of £3.5 million.

3.    Wealth management for an existing overseas client: Next stop in his schedule was to complete on the purchase of an investment property for an overseas client. This client engagement saw him commit majority of his afternoon (from 1pm to 5pm) to ensure his client’s 100% satisfaction. His stepwise approach is as follows:

Regular dialogue over the last 3 yrs with the client in order to have an insight into his requirements for an investment property in the UK. On eventually identifying the ideal investment through Savills’ auction and advising the client accordingly, Mr Edun committed funds in securing the purchase of this property by paying the required fees at the auction earlier that week. 
 As a result, the client flew into town to complete the purchase of his UK investment property.
Mr Edun met the client at the premises of FBN Bank (UK) Ltd in Moorgate. The personnel at the bank remained pleasant as the CEO seems to be their reliable and regular customer, Business was conducted in a friendly manner and before you know it forms were filled and valuation instructed. 
 Thereafter, he and the client were off to Savills in Sloane Square to complete the necessary paperwork for the purchase.  In the interim of papers being prepared, Mr Edun took the client to view the property at Upper Berkley Street in Mayfair. On route, he took the opportunity to outline the benefits of capital growth and property lettings in such prime areas of London.  In doing all of these, the client was afforded the opportunity to make an informed choice on the purchase.
The client’s decision to go ahead with the purchase was evidence and a true reflection of trust on Daniel Ford & Co’s ability to meet their clients’ expectations. It also demonstrated Mr Edun's in-depth knowledge of the property market and his commitment to meeting his client’s needs. 
The contract was finally signed, and the various payments in relation to the transaction settled.  A very contented client was then dropped off to make his way back to his country of origin.

4.    Managing incoming calls & client contact: Countless calls were received during the day from Banks, Valuers, Prospective buyers and sellers, however a few significant calls demonstrates the CEO’s ability to stay updated with what Daniel Ford & Co Ltd does best; maximising client wealth and providing client satisfaction. Here is a snap shot of calls:

     a) Negotiation with another buyer from an auction: A property in Tottenham bought on behalf of another client was already fetching some interest from a buyer who missed out buying it during the auction. He declined to sell this property (after only acquiring it a few days prior) as he was aware of the potential profit to be created from holding onto it
     b) Chauffeuring Service for clients: Another of his clients was in town and regular phone calls were personally made by Mr Edun to ensure that the client was not only picked up from the airport, but was also satisfied with the service provided by this side of Daniel Ford's group.
     c) West Hampstead Office: Numerous calls made regarding the opening of the new part of group called Daniel Ford International, which is due to open in July 2010.  The office will be servicing the Hampstead, St John’s Wood and Swiss Cottage areas, the preferred location for some of DF & Co. Offshore clients.

5.    Client advice meeting: The only meeting conducted in the office for the day was with a property broker seeking advice on the purchase of a repossessed property in South East London.  It was refreshing to see that Mr Edun recognizes that the property market is big enough to share with competitors.  Having spent the day with him, I am easily convinced that this comes with the confidence that he attends to his business competently.

6.    Providing Hospitality to clients: In addition to the numerous services and exceptional client services provided, he made a courtesy visit to a client in Kilburn. This client was in town on a short break.  Mr Edun generously delivered World Cup tickets as part of the company's continued hospitality treats for their clients. Daniel Ford & Co also holds hospitality tickets for Arsenal and Chelsea F.C. This was the last meeting of a very hectic day that is apparently a norm for the CEO! 

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