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Why you need an Acquisition Agent

Posted on 15/12/2010 by Metro Reporter

Angry John Lan took a pair of scissors to a Freeman Forman branch and began snipping at wires and computer cables. The 67-year-old said he was ‘at the end of his tether’ after a five-month delay in the exchange of contracts on the house he wanted to buy.

The former casino manager of the Clermont Club, in London’s Mayfair, added: ‘I’d just got to the stage that I didn’t care any more. 'I couldn’t take any more delays – the telephone and computer cables were hanging from the front of their desks so I just went along cutting them all.’
Mr Lan said he had tried to lodge a complaint against the branch in Tonbridge, Kent, but added: ‘The procedure is so long-winded and complicated, you have to contact three separate people, and I’d been through enough. ‘I told them I refused to do it. Cutting the cables was my complaint.’

The grandfather of four was given an £80 on-the-spot fine when the police were called in. Freeman Forman said: ‘We’ve always had a very amicable relationship with Mr Lan. The incident was completely unacceptable and very distressing for our staff. ‘We are in the process of considering our ongoing relationship with him.’

                                                   --Metro Newspaper Ltd ......15/12/10
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